Alimentos Balanceados

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Today, consumers are looking for food of good quality and functional properties that do not pose a risk of consumption, such as provoking allergic reactions or producing toxic compounds. Products are conceptualized aiming to meet these characteristics and demonstrate at the same time their functionality, in terms of nutritional bioavailability that provides benefits to the health of the user and that impacts the consumer nutrition.

Given these trends, the Ex-Vivo Digestion Lab enables the evaluation of food in general, ingredients, beverages, nutraceuticals, functional food and enriched food.

The ARIS method is designed to evaluate:
  • Digestibility
  • Availability of nutrients in the different compartments of the digestive system (stomach, small intestine, ascending, transverse and descending colon)
  • Impact of consumption of the product or ingredient on the composition of intestinal microbiota
  • Generation of nutrients and other components as a result of digestion

The studies in ARIS are focused on studying the interrelationship of human intestinal microbiota with the consumed food.

Effects of food consumption on the composition of intestinal microbiota

The microbiota contains a wide variety of microorganisms that are capable of absorbing food and provoking biochemical transformations, on which many of the physiological functions of the human host will depend. The system should maintain operating conditions close to human physiology in order to assess the digestibility index of the products and it will be suitable to the physiological conditions and eating habits of the population under study. Therefore, this type of evaluation allows functional properties to be validated, dosed and formulated.

To carry out complementary studies, such as nutritional intervention, the Ex-Vivo Digestion Lab has agreements with specialized companies such as MaBiosis.

Alimentos Balanceados