Giving oportunities

With ARIS, it is possible to have data prior to clinical trials and obtain information on medicines' quality, safety and efficacy. It offers existing scientific evidence necessary for the criteria of authorising health regulation.
The Ex-Vivo Digestion Lab offers the pharmaceutical industry excipient and active compounds evaluation.

Sistema digestivo

ARIS technology allows analysation of the:

Intestinal microbiota

Impact of the use of different excipients on the intestinal microbiota of the target population.

Release kinetics

Release kinetics of active components in controlled release preparations.

What is the aim?

These tests are performed in order to determine the specific location in the different sectors of the digestive tract and the moment of release of the active ingredients contained in oral administered pharmaceuticals. It is possible to verify the interaction with food and microorganisms of the native existent microbiota. This information helps to improve recipes and answer questions in the preclinical phase of trials faster than in living systems.